Hebmüller TYP14 long tube/gooseneck filter

Available at last! The Hemuller long neck/cisne filter :-)

After a lot of work, information gathering and love, we have been able to finish and put on sale this beautiful and long awaited piece!!! We have made it from old plans, photos and information with original measurements. In great part thanks to our customers and HEB clubs. THANK YOU.

Also to our customers and friends who asked for it to complete their beautiful vehicles. Anonymous people and Hebmuller club. We hope you like our latest work. We are waiting for your comments to continue improving our products and creating new ones. Your comments are very important to us.

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H004-A: Hebmüller air filter, non rechargeable with letters stamped (Like the original): 475€

H004-B: Hebmüller air filter, rechargeable with letters stamped: 475€

H004-C: filter felt insert: 24 € / 1 unit