Aluminum pilot split ring 1949-1952
Ring for split pilots in aluminum 1949-1952

Made so that anyone can install them, although it does require some work. We will give you some small assembly instructions with the purchase.

If you send us your original drivers, we can install it for you. Ask us.

S070-a: 90€ / 2 units (Lenses not included in the price)

Sealed Aluminum Split Pilot Ring

Requires Lenses. If you send us your lenses we will install them on the frame. If not, you will have to buy 2 lenses to insert them together with the rubber and the light diffuser.

S070-b: €90+lens price / 2 units

S031-a (2 red lenses): €40
S031-b (2 transparent lenses): €50
S031-c (2 bicolor lenses: red and orange): €60
S031-d (2 Hassia glass lenses): €75